Reputable Foreclosure Attorneys ?

How to Find a Good Foreclosure Defense Attorney

Many legal firms and services will promise you they can win your case, but this isn’t always the reality. When it comes to fighting for your home, you need to do the hard work and research yourself. It is not something to take lightly, but there are some simple things you can do to find the attorney that will give you the best chance of winning your foreclosure case.

It is important to note that many attorneys will not do foreclosure defense, so the most important thing you can do to help yourself is find an attorney that specializes in it. Foreclosure laws can be complicated, and some attorneys may not understand all the issues or feel comfortable defending foreclosure cases in front of judges. They may even think foreclosure victims are unable to pay them. A skilled foreclosure attorney will be knowledgeable and comfortable with handling foreclosure cases, but how can you find one?

There are several ways to find a good attorney. You will want to look at personality as well as experience. A great attorney will be honest, knowledgeable, have an excellent track record, and be affordable.

Check Public Records

Your local courthouse can be a wealth of information. Check public records and find out which attorneys are currently working on foreclosure cases. If you can identify attorneys involved in cases against your lender, that is even better. The attorney’s name will be listed as representing the plaintiff (homeowner) in a case against the defendant (the lending institution). Take note of these attorneys and contact them about your case.

Watch Similar Cases

Why not “try before you buy”? Sit in on foreclosure cases to see how they play out. If you like how the attorney is performing during the case, contact them for a consultation. The best way to assess an attorney’s skill is to see them in action.

Choose an Attorney Based on Track Record and Price

Many foreclosure attorneys offer free or low-cost consultations. Since you are not at a risk of losing a lot of money, it isn’t a bad idea to shop around. Your local Chamber of Commerce, local newspapers, and referrals from past clients can also help you find attorneys to contact. As previously stated, foreclosure cases are complicated. It is best to avoid attorneys who do not devote their practice to foreclosure cases or who have a poor track record. Effective attorneys will perform well, be knowledgeable about foreclosure, and have a great track record of winning foreclosure cases.

With some perseverance, the perfect attorney can be found. Your home is at stake- it’s worth the effort.


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